casa nemrow weekend update

We finally lined our dresser drawers this weekend!

Hmm, did I tell you we finally found a dresser on ksl (ahem, like over a month ago)?
I don't think I did...
My bad.

Well, we found the most darling white dresser on ksl that I really just couldn't resist:

Don't you think the drawers look like they have little mustaches?  it gets me every time.

Anyways this guy has been sitting empty in the corner of our room, meanwhile we've been living out of our old plastic drawers.
Logical, I know.

I just couldn't figure out how I wanted to line them.  All the Target drawer liners were very blah and I wanted something happier than a pho-pebbled pattern to peek out from under my shirts - perhaps too much to ask for, but I asked all the same.

And then I found this blog post:
modge podge + wrapping paper = cute drawer liners

Now I just had to find some suitable wrapping paper - easier said than done (if I'd been home I would have run off to this place and bought something darling, but oh well).
Finally we ended up at Hallmark and lo and behold they had some decent stuff (thank goodness).

Truth be told the above linked blog post did a much better job of their modge podging.  I've decided they've got smoothing skills that are far beyond me and I'm just going to have to live with it.  We ended up just putting m.p. in the corners of each drawer to act as glue and laid down the rest of the paper unglued so it was less lumpy - much easier for us inexperienced DIYers. 


Please disregard my small stripe obsession - they are my favorite thing to wear.  I can't help myself.

Anyways I'm pretty happy with the finished product and since the paper isn't going to be super visible I have no qualms with the purple+green clashing with our yellow+grey bedroom color scheme.

All in all, another thing to check off my list - bring it on new year's resolutions, I'm on a roll!

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