It is most definitely true that the loveliest things come in small boxes (especially if those boxes are tiffany blue...)

...and christmas gifts are no exception.  One of my favorite  gifts this year was also one of the smallest.  It came from this sweet little etsy shop, I wear it everyday and I love love love love it! 

I'm not normally one to get all sentimental over initials (especially since ours are either DC or CD - you see the problem?), but I just couldn't resist the charm of this tiny necklace.  And don't get me wrong, this thing is tiny.  We're talkin' about the size of a grain of rice here.  But there's something so very sweet about the whole thing and its tininess and perhaps the fact that no one knows what the little charms say but me.

p.s. I also found these darling chunky initial necklaces when I was on the hunt - I would have loved them as well, you know, except for the whole District of Columbia/ Compact Disc thing...

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