The bedroom.

I tend to have an almost unstoppable desire to always decorate my bedroom in a huge, loud, borderline obnoxious burst of color (if only I could show you my childhood bedroom - think BRIGHT and BRIGHTER pink stripes on the walls).

Unfortunately this decorating style almost always comes with buyer's/ painter's/ decorator's remorse so, in an attempt to spare David (and myself), I consciously limited myself to a very few choices in our new bedroom:
& grey
Classic & simple.

Recently I've had the urge to add more colors to the pallet, but, thank goodness, these two really just look best by themselves.

Creativity thrives under constraint, right?  
So I'm working on it.
Please be patient bare, white walls!

Also in the spirit of yellow and grey:

I've got another paint chip project in the works - if it turns out even remotely acceptable I'll let you know.


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Kathleen said...

I still love your childhood bedroom :)