christmastime is here...

Few tunes are Christmasy-er.  In fact we've had the soundtrack playing along with Bing, Mitch Miller & James Taylor for the last 3 days now - ah Christmas - you bring all the best artists together in one playlist.  It's the best.

In celebration of the pending holiday I've gotten a little excited with decorating every nook and cranny of our apartment:

I also may have gotten carried away with making this garland...
I grabbed, well, probably 3 inches worth of red & green paint chips at Home Depot.  In my defense there was a sign that told me to take as many as I wanted, but I still sort of felt the need to stash them in my purse on the way out...
Anyways, if you get yourself some string and a circle punch they make some pretty darling, simple decor - and I love them.

We don't really have room for a tree (or have any desire to load one up and move it to LA with us at the end of the school year).
So I improvised.  

leftover paint chips
+  string
+ a bunch of tape on our door
= successful Christmas tree, I think

And then of course we have our front window:

It feels oh so good to be all decorated :)

Now we just have to try and enjoy it quick before finals hit in a week and a half...

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