Friday night

Since our date budget is winding down for the month we decided to eat dinner in this Friday and go out for a stroll and a $5 treat.  It's Friday night for goodness sake!  We're going wild and crazy over here.

The nights up here in the valley are starting to be warmer and warmer and to be honest I love it.  Summer nights in Utah were my FAVORITE.  Growing up in Orange County, our summer days (ok and fall and winter days too) were always warm and toasty, but come nightfall the breeze rolling in off the ocean would be very chilly.  I'd never heard of warm nights til I moved to Utah.  It felt so unnatural.  Turns out I love them, and Santa Clarita does not disappoint.

And Dave, being the kindhearted man he is, treated me to delicious Hawaiian shaved ice.  That's two weekends in a row folks.  He's a keeper.

This weeks flavors were melona + strawberry pitted against last weeks selection of mango + raspberry.  To be honest, as long as there is vanilla bean ice cream at the bottom and sweetened condensed milk on top I'll eat whatever flavors you put on there.

Afterwards we took a stroll, window shopping around the mall where we found spatulas infused with the force and baker's twine that Dave couldn't wrap his head around...

Me: I need this.
Dave: Why?  It's for baking.
Me: I'd use it for all sorts of things...
Dave: But...it's for baking...??

Don't worry, I'll bring him around eventually.  He just doesn't understand the all encompassing potential that is baker's twine.  It makes everything cuter (which reminds me of the time I marked little red lines on white string for some Christmas decor last year...I probably should have just caved and got myself a spool of the stuff then...).

All in all t'was a successful Friday night.

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