shirley & temples

Saturday was the best.  No, seriously, it was such a great day.

First things first, we shot down to the LA temple to catch the 10:30 session with my mom and dad.  It was such a lovely day and the traffic was so close to nonexistent (What?? On the 405??! This is madness) that we made it to the temple in half the time we budgeted.  We strolled around the grounds and had a lovely time soaking in the springtime sunshine.  Okay, Dave was really hot, but I was soaking in the springtime sunshine.

Afterwards we went to the cutest restaurant just a few blocks from the temple per David's recommendation: Westside Tavern.  And it did NOT disappoint.

A few beet salads, sweet potato steak fries, vege burgers, short rib grilled cheeses, quinoa salads, crab cakes, strawberry rhubarb cobblers and more than a few shirley temples later we were stuffed to the brim and more than a little satisfied.

We will most definitely be back.

And yes, in case you were wondering, my mother and I were accidental twins:

And I almost wore a blue skirt and brown belt with this outfit.  ALMOST.  Too bad.  That would have been too perfect.

Dave and decided we need to spend more Saturdays like this one.

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