date night

Friday night was to be of note: Dave left work when the sun was still up!  Such an accomplishment before April 15th ought to be celebrated.  And so we did.

We decided to try out another of the local cuisine: Sabor Cocina Mexicana
We pulled up to a big crowd eating out on the patio and a full dining room.  Both good signs.

I got the jicama, mango, chicken tacos for the win - Dave's beef tacos weren't too shabby either.  And while I did enjoy dinner...let's be honest, I was really more excited about the place we found for dessert:

Hawaiian shaved ice!!!

Shave It was hiding in a corner of the mall I hadn't explored before.  Happy happy me.  They even had sweetened condensed milk to top it!  Unfortunately for us one of the local high schools was having a fundraiser yesterday night and, well, we waited in line for a while.  It is a testament to my love of ice cream + shaved ice that we actually stayed and waited.

It was most definitely worth it.
We'll be back.

Cheers to the end of our first busy season and more Friday nights spent like this one.

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