conference weekend

This past weekend was General Conference and instead of sitting at home watching the event on our laptops (we got rid of our cable you see), we decided to roll down to Orange Country and enjoy the weekend with my fam.  I've gotta tell ya, it is SO fun to be living close to home.  If or when we ever move that will be one of the hardest things to adjust to.

Bella was our nap police and often took my spot on the love seat next to Dave if I ever got up.  She's pretty attached to that boy of mine...

After Saturday's session we left the boys in my parents newly redone bonus room to watch March madness before Priesthood and we girls headed out for a lady's night of dinner at Fashion Island and a stroll around Balboa.

We're already getting excited for summertime around here because our family is renting a little beach house for TWO whole weeks down here on the island!  So of course we had to walk by and check it out, and it was even cuter than we thought:

In true Balboa fashion we ended our stroll with a Balbar.  Sorry to say we've found a new favorite spot on main street instead of Dad's...but Too Sweet makes em' better!  I've been converted.

Well, it was quite the successful weekend in our opinions - it was hard to want to leave at the end of it!  Good thing a certain someone has a birthday coming up soon so there will be much cause to celebrate and get together (hint hint).



Jarelle Fuller said...

I can't wait to party with you in Cali! The bonus room is great - I love white furniture:) See you so soon, like less than 2 months!!!

Jilli said...

I love that Beach house! I'm so jealous!!

Christa Jeanne said...

Bella makes me so happy! Seriously. Cutest dog ever... after Shep and Maisie, of course. ;)