roller coasters

Last Saturday Dave took a busy day off from work and we scuttled down the street to Six Flags Magic Mountain to celebrate his birthday.  And when I say down the street I do mean that quite literally.  This park isn't 5 minutes away from our apartment.

The morning started out well and we ran to Viper, waited in line for an hour, and were next in line to get on when...it broke down!  The thought they might be able to fix it, but a half an hour later it was no good.  And we were next!  These were our reactions:

Oh well.  After lunch at Johnny Rockets we found our way to Batman (+ another hour in line).  And then, whilst trying to decide what our next ride would be, Dave found out something about me that he didn't know after almost 2 years of marriage.

I'm not really a roller coaster gal.

At all.

Ok, I can do some coasters, but, ahem, Superman and Goliath at Six Flags are not among them.  I offered to wait in line with the birthday boy and wait while he rode the ride, but he's too sweet for that.

We decided our last ride would be Tatsu, which  David neglected to tell me, is a ride where you are pulled to lie vertically looking down at the ground during the whole coaster.  Turns out I'm ok with that, but Dave's not quite good with looking down.  This is what we looked like after a few loops and freaking out about dropping our phones:

All in all it was a fun day, even though we spent 5+ hours at the park and rode...3 rides (but waited in line for 4!).  Oh well.  We both decided we'd probably rather go to Disneyland next time anyway ;)

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