cousin friends

Once upon an Easter last we had a Tobler family Skype session where two couples announced they were expecting little bebes come November.  It was the best news, pretty much ever, and now that we have two little cousin buddies born 9 days apart and destined to be the best of friends.

It took them four months to meet, so you can imagine how shutter happy we were once they finally got together, the fruits of which you can see here:

The first meeting in sum up: Miles squealing with joy and Clark wide-eyed and holding onto Mom.  He wasn't so sure about his Indiana cousin...

Watching them chatter to each other on the play mat was all sorts of heartwarming cuteness.
So happy to finally meet this chunky little nephew of mine!  He is such a love.
"Mom, do you see this guy??  He's just my size!" - Clark

 Two babies and their Grammy Tobler.  So much love going on in this picture.

 Of course when you start out with two babes in their Sunday best, you've gotta get comfy eventually.  And what's cuter than to nakey babies?

 Hand eating.  Must be related.

 Two cute boys.

 Two cute bums.

And topping off the day with a toe dip in the pool.  Not a bad gig.

It is going to be beyond fun to watch these two little chunks grow up together.  Hopefully they'll eventually live a little closer together than Indianapolis and LA ;)

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