5 months

Five months.  Five months!  Gosh, that's almost 6 months.  Which is almost half a year.  Which is almost a year.  Which is craziness.  Sometimes it feels like this little baby is slipping through my fingers like sand on the beach and it's so sad.  And also wonderful.  Sometimes I can't decide which.

And sometimes it makes me want to have another tiny baby...

And then I laugh.

Height: 27 1/2 inches (95%)
Weight: 18 pounds (96%)
Head Circumference: 46 cm (>98%)

He's evening out, but still a huge little dude.  We love every chubby bit of him.

This little guy has now found his toes and his thumbs.  One or both are in his mouth at all time.

We're down to three naps a day now and four meals + a dream feed (that I'm not sure we really need or not...).  I swear we used to be eating round the clock and taking a lot  - a lot - of naps and then all of a sudden - poof!  Not anymore.  It happened so fast.

We're staying awake for 2 hours between naps now too, and it's the best.  I love having time to go shopping with an awake traveling buddy - it's much more fun.

One of my favorite things is watching this little guy figuring out his hands.  He's gotten so much better at holding and grabbing his toys.  It blows my mind how fast he learns.

Although sometimes I wish he'd learn a bit faster...Right now he's completely proficient at rolling from his back to his tummy.  I think he almost does it without realizing it and he most definitely practices while he's asleep.  So he'll roll to his tummy, get frustrated because he's not comfortable and cry for momma to come right him.  We're working really hard to figure out this tummy to back thing over here.

He wants to sit up by himself so, so badly these days, but we're just not there yet.  I swear, he's going to have the strongest little abs in the world the way he's doing crunches all day long.  He's close though.  So close...

I've also found my baby's first love: his bouncer.  Holy cow.  That kid could bounce all day long - and he might - if I'd let him.  The happy squeaks he lets out when he's in that thing are magical.  And the air he gets is kind of unbelievable. 

Daily baths are my favorite things these days as we wind down for bed.  Then we put on lotion and do a little massage and put on our PJ's before playing a little bit in the nursery as his eyelids get heavy.  It's such a sweet moment cocooned in the smell of baby lotion and warm blankets.  It's heaven.  My kind of heaven.

Things I want to remember about this little five month old:
  • His slow blinks.  They are incredibly flirtatious, and thoughtful, and my favorite.
  • The way he is always holding out his arms to keep his balance.
  • The way his eyes dance when he realizes I'm smiling at him.
  • How when you hold him up over your shoulder he'll look back and forth behind and in front of you.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.  Taking it all in.
  • How he grabs his feet and pulls them up to his cheeks.
  • His baby thighs.  They are chunky and delicious and I will be slightly heartbroken when they start thinning out.
  • They way his heavy sleepy head feels on my shoulder.
  • His rosebud lips that pucker so delightfully when he looks down.
  • Current nicknames: Bubba, Mr. Magoo, Chunk-a-Chunk, and Clarkey Boy

We love you so much our little five-month-old chunker.  Never loose those delicious cheekers.

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