Clark meets water

Lets be honest, I have been dying to get Clark in the pool for months now, but it just hasn't been right. 

I didn't have a swimsuit for him. 
The pool was too cold. 
David wasn't around. 

But finally, finally, the stars aligned and we got this kiddo in some swim trunks and dunked him in Grammy and Poppy's lukewarm hot tub. 

And it did not disappoint.

Gosh, being a parent is so much fun.  I love watching these firsts with this little guy.

 Clark in sunglasses.  There are few things cuter than Clark in sunglasses.
But that sassy look on the right comes close.

 "Whooooa dad, I'm not so sure about this..." - Clark
Just kidding.

Get ready kiddo, we're going to be int he pool a whooooole lot this summer.

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