to the park

Saturdays, man, I really live for them these days.  Just a day to recharge, regroup, and spend time together.  I used to be a big fan of Friday nights, but since baby boy has been a part of the gang, it's all about Saturday afternoons honey.

And Saturday mornings.  Have I mentioned here how much I love Saturday mornings? (I think like 60 times) Baby boy comes and hangs out in bed with us and plays and we laugh and talk and sometimes bring up some breakfast to eat in our PJ's because we want that sleepy, lazy cocoon of a Saturday morning to last just a little longer. 
They're my favorite.

This Saturday felt like summertime and just begged for a family walk to the park.  Clark met grass for the first time and was thoroughly nonplussed by it. 
He looked at it, stood on it, felt it and pretty much decided it's like all the other things he's been standing on for the past month.  It's gunna take more than grass at the park to excite this kid.  Dually noted.

Of course that didn't stop us from taking a gazillion pictures to document the moment.  This poor kid.  He probably has more pictures of himself in his first 4 months of life than I do in my entire baby book.  I'll try to keep them somewhat organized for you son.

He did seem to like laying on the grass and looking up at the trees.  I'll call that a success.

It was wonderful, lazy kind of Saturday.  The kind that are good for the soul.

So let's hurry up and get through this week - - I've got a Saturday to get back to.

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