baby boy

I was looking through my pictures trying to find something solid to blog about and found - surprise, surprise - mostly a million pictures of my baby. 

So, behold, another photo dump and memory catalog. 

I love that little outfit Clark is wearing on the left.  My grandparents brought it back from Portugal for my older brother and he couldn't have looked cuter in it. 

Baby boy was in an especially smiley mood the other day and I couldn't believe I caught this little gem.  Gosh he's such a darling.

 Fresh clean baby?  Oh my goodness, is there anything better??

Kiddo, has started to figure out this whole tummy time business and it's adorable to watch him hold his head up.  He's even rolled over!  He's since kind of forgotten how that worked, but he'll get back around to it.

This boy thinks he's the king of the tub.  I agree.

 This babe gets awfully cuddly right before he's ready to go down for a nap.  It's my favorite.

And baby bums, am I right?  Seriously my favorite.

Poppy, daddy, and baby.

Story time with dada on a Saturday night is the best.  This baby is too cute and loves to look at the pictures. 

"I'm not always this cute, but - oh wait, yes I am!"

This is Clark's typical sleeping pose.  I think he's trying to imitate the angel Moroni.

I can't handle the look on his face in either of these pictures.

Smiles while he's awake and while he's asleep.

The chewing has begun.  Once those little hands are steady nothing will be safe!

And then that little intense gaze?  It kills me.

Saturday mornings in bed with momma and dada.  It's my favorite time of the week.

Late night cuddles in our favorite chair.

Clark and his two best buddies: his hands.  More often than not I'll turn around and he'll be chattering away to them, if they're not in his mouth, that is.

And then when did my little baby get so BIG??  He almost takes up half the crib now!  Eek!


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