4 months

This little guy is growing so fast I can hardly stand it.  He now officially 18 pounds and 27 inches long.  Holy cow.  I was talking with a woman holding her little girl in church the other afternoon and she asked how old Clark was and when I told her her eyes went wide.  Turns out her little bundle was 8 months old vs Clark's 3-ish months, and she was at the very most half Clark's size.  Holy cow.  We've got a growing darling boy on our hands.  He is literally wearing 6-9 month clothes these days.  Aye, aye aye!  Stop growing baby!!

Up until a few weeks ago Clark has only really been chatty when he's at home and preferably lying safely on his back.  Maybe he could concentrate better that way?  Anyways, he finally figured out he can use his voice anytime, anywhere...in church.  During sacrament meeting.  While David was bearing his testimony.  Babies are the best ;)

This little kid is slowly becoming more and more aware of his surroundings which is equal parts so fun and sometimes not so much.  It's the best to watch his little eyes take in the world and see the trees and watch the cars go by and the kids on the swings, but he also is gaining a great affinity for being in Momma's arms.  Little cutie.  You know I love it.

The longest stretch we've gotten so far at night has been 7 hours, just a few times, but I'll take it!  Keep working on it baby boy - we're all rooting for you!

Kiddo has found his hands and it's so fun to watch.  They are now always officially in his mouth and making swipes at anything passing by.  His favorite things include his bibs, burp clothes, and anything I'm wearing.

Cutest Clark moment this month: we were at mutual on a Wednesday night and I was holding Clark on my hip while the kids played some sort of frisbee dodge-ball mash up.  They started yelling and cheering as the game came down to just a few people and Clark got so excited he yelled out with them.  Just one big excited squeak, but it was stinkin' adorable.  We might have a sports fan on our hands over here.

In other news, baby boy is figuring out rolling over.  I've caught him going tummy to back, but I only found him a few times after he rolled back to tummy while he was sleeping.  He woke up very frustrated that he couldn't roll back ;)

We've also discovered the exersaucer and the bouncy swing.  He's still getting the hang of both of them, but I can already tell we've got a hit on our hands.  Especially that bouncy swing.  It basically hangs off a bungee cords so little dude can get some serious jump on there.  He loves it ;)

After our three month check up, the doc wanted Clark to go get an ultrasound done of his noggin, just in case.  Out little guy has a very, very large head and she just wanted to make sure there was nothing to worry about.  It was incredible to watch them do the ultrasound (which the tech was able to do while Clark was asleep - bless that man).  They did the whole thing on his little soft spot and I got to see his brain and blood pulsing through it.  Really amazing stuff.  Results all came back negative and Clark just has, what our pediatrician affectionately referred to it as, a genetic disposition to a very large head.  We love every inch of it baby boy.

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