the big 2-8

Having a birthday during busy season is a hit or miss, but this year was a definite hit.  We got to have David all day long and party just us three.  It's crazy to think we found out we were pregnant this time last year!  To the day in fact.  I gave David a birthday present with the pregnancy test in it to tell him we were expecting.  A lot can change in a year...

We started off the day with snuggling that little cheeky boy and eating bowls of birthday cereal.  Laugh, but we never buy cereal.  It was delicious ;)

I was determined to have some fun family time and take Clark swimming for the first time - just a quick dip - butttttt turns out the pool is still icy.  We tried, but he wasn't having it.  Can't say as I blame him, but we still got to see him in those adorable swim trunks.  That's at least half a win.

For a birthday lunch/ pi day celebration we headed out to a local pizzeria and ate some delicious pizza pie.  Plus they felt they messed up on one of our pizzas (with a big air bubble in the middle) so they gave us another one for free.  Happy birthday indeed.

We spent the rest of the day cuddling this little munchkin, taking afternoon naps, and eating some razzleberry pie for the birthday boy.  It was a lovely day and we're so glad this birthday guy is ours to stay.  Now let's hurry up and get this busy season over with so we can have him around every weekend!

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