favorite moments

The thing with this little babe is, every new stage is my new favorite.  And I'm so excited for the stages to come.  I've always wanted to be a momma, but actually being a parent has been so much more fun that I could have every thought.

Here are a few of my favorite moments from the last few weeks:

Baby boy sure has one sweet aunt who bought him a Super Man piggy bank (Get it? Clark Kent? ;).  And when I went to snap a picture of him with it he flashed me this cheeky grin.  I died.  Thanks Aunt Brooke!

And even getting up in the wee hours of the morning (ok 6AM feels really wee sometimes) those big doe eyes are my everything.

This little boy really likes to sleep in his crib, so when he falls asleep in my lap I savor ever minute of it.

We also just got our Ergobaby carrier and I'm digging it.  Yes, I'm aware Clark looks like he's hanging on for dear life.  He'll warm up to it ;)

When this little chunk was born everyone said he looked just like his daddy, but as he's getting bigger more and more people are saying he looks like me.  Truthfully, I see a lot of both of us in him.  It still blows my mind that this little boy was inside of me just a little over two months ago...

I get entirely too much enjoyment out of matching this little dude.  And I think that picture on the right is my new favorite of all time.  Thanks for helping me make the bed bub!

It is the biggest treat when Dave gets home early enough to help me put this babe to bed (not a common occurrence these days).  He loves his dada so much already it just melts me.

This little babe loves holding his head up, so when he rests it on my shoulder (which is my favorite), I know it's time for a nap.  I'll plead guilty to prolonging putting him down to bask in those sweet baby sighs tickling my cheek.

And Sunday mornings are so fun because Dad can play with us.  This kid would give his dada smiles all day long.

I always want to take pictures of this kid when I'm burping him (those cheeks!) and when he's standing (he always looks so proud of himself), but obviously that's pretty hard.  So glad to catch those couple moments of this cutie when Dave was home.

I kind of adore this kid in hats, but his noggin is so lovely and large it's kinda hard to find one that fits him sometimes.  This one is a winner though.

Clark also has the sweetest aunt who knitted him this DARLING blanket that is backed with the yummiest soft lining.  It's my new favorite blanket for sure.  Thanks Aileen!

We love you so much sweet baby boy!  What did we do for fun before we stared into your blue eyes all day??

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