date night

Since having baby boy, Dave and I have only gone out once by ourselves sans baby boy to grab some dinner for an hour-ish while he slept at Grammy and Poppy's house.  Well, this time Grammy and Poppy pulled through again and gave us a fabulous Christmas gift: tickets to see Wicked and offering their babysitting services to watch Clark for the night.  As you can imagine, we were pretty thrilled.

And as it just turned out, Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Norm were in town too so Clark was extra well taken care of.  We were feeling really good about leaving the little guy in such capable hands.

We had planned to hit up a local Pasadena haunt for some pulled pork and hearty BBQ, but we pulled up and it was closed for a special event.  Laaaame!  Oh well.  As it turns out there was a fabulous hole in the wall Mexican joint next door with killer taquitos and freshly squeezed watermelon juice that made up for it just fine.

Pulling up to the theatre I started to get really excited.  Not only was I wearing a nice blouse that I didn't have to worry about getting baby spit up on and a pair of kicking booties, but we were seeing a great play with killer seats and David has never seen Wicked before!  He didn't even know the musical goodness that was about to hit him.

At intermission David was trying to remember a song he had liked best from the first half so I proceeded to sing the opening lines to every musical number they had done so far.  Midway through Dancing Through Life he stopped me dumbfounded and asked, How do you know all the words already??  Oh honey, I've been listening to these show tunes since I was 13.  Trust me.  I know the words.

It was such a lovely night to just get away and be the two of us again.  Somehow it's still crazy to think that this is how life used to be.  Just us going to and from as we please.  And now we sit in the theatre before the show begins and watch videos of our little munchkin and crave pictures of him at intermission.  And even though it was good to take a break, there was something so right about coming home and tip toeing into Clark's room to check on him.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Brooke said...

Gracious, looking at you, you wouldn't even know you had just had a baby! Looking good sis, love ya lots!!! <3