Clark's baby blessing

Clark is one lucky boy to have two sets of grandparents that love him so much.  It's the best having my parents so close by right now, and it was such a treat to have the Nemrows come down too this past weekend to spend time with their newest grandson and be there for his baby blessing.

Norm hadn't met our little Clark yet and it was so fun to watch them get to know each other.  
As you can see, they are two peas in a pod ;)

As a momma, there is nothing quite as great as watching someone else love on your baby.  These two are old pros.

 What is better than grandma kisses???

The reason we got to steal away these Utah grandparents in the first place is that we blessed our sweet little babe this past Sunday in church. 

The little dude was dressed to the nines and his daddy gave him a sweet blessing, promising him so many wonderful things.  As this little boy's momma, my heart is so full.  There is nothing I want more than for him to have every happiness in life.

In the morning, before we went to church, Dave asked me if there was anything I'd like for him consider including in the blessing later that afternoon.  Initially I wasn't going to add anything, and then suddenly I was spewing out everything I would ever want for my little guy: health, a testimony, marriage in the temple, serving a mission - the list just went on and on.  Having a child is literally like letting you heart walk around outside your body and I ache for him to be successful and have joy.

Family came from near and far to celebrate our little dude and we felt so very loved.

These handsome men stood in the circle with Dave to bless our little guy.  I'm so grateful for these worthy priesthood holders who joined us on this special day.

I love watching my in-laws and parents become grandparents to my little guy. 

We sure love you little man.  We're so glad you're ours forever and always.

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