3 months

Three months.  Three months!  Who said it was ok for my tiny babe to be a whopping three months old?  Looking back at pictures of him fresh and new and then seeing him now I just can hardly believe he's gotten so big.  He's started packing on the rolls and already has two chubby chins with plans in the works for a third ;)

As of his 3 month appointment this little chunk is weighing in at 16 pounds (90th percentile), and is 26 inches tall (>98th percentile). We've got a big boy on our hands here. However, the biggest surprise of the day was that my doctor informed me that we are, in fact, TEETHING. Excuse me? My 3 month old is teething?? It appears we could have two little bottom teeth cutting through as early as next month. Well shoot, I do love his gummy little smile, but I guess a few pearly whites could only improve the cuteness ;)

It has been so fun watching the little dude find his hands lately.  They now seem to always be in his mouth and a drool spot on his onesie is a constant you can count on.  He's a little flirt - most especially to his momma - and he gives out smiles aplenty.  He's also figuring out his voice and has started chattering to me all day long, which I adore. And his favorite spot to have a nice conversation?  Where else, but up on his changing table.  We spend many an afternoon gabbing away together.

Clark has also decided that laying down is for babies and he's all about sitting up and, most especially, standing.  He gets this big, proud grin on his face every time I hold him up that melts me.

We're trying, trying, trying to get all the way through the night, but we're not there yet.  If I time his feedings right, most nights he'll just wake up once in the 3:00-4:00 range to eat and then get up again to start the day in the 6:00-7:00 hour.  It's progress and I can live with that, sweet baby boy.  But the night he sleeps all the way through??  Oh honey, that will be the best.

This kid is, literally, growing like a weed and he is currently shooting through 3 month sized clothes and hopping right into 6 month onesies without even breaking a sweat.  Stop growing baby!  Stay little forever!

But my all time favorite thing about this age is when I go to his crib to sooth him or get him up from a nap, and he'll be fussing or some such thing, but once he looks over and makes eye contact with me he gets this huge grin on his face and start cooing.  I just die every time.  What a little heart breaker.

Other big three month milestones:
  • Being left with babysitters for the first time.  Thanks Grammy and Poppy!
  • Making it through three hours of church (and mom going back to Sunday School for the first time since last November).
  • Giving us a 6 hour stretch one night.  Feel free to do that again anytime baby boy.
  • And receiving a name and a blessing from his daddy in church.   
This boy has run away with our lives and our hearts and I just wouldn't have it any other way.

PS - I took pretty much 100 pictures trying to get a grin out of this guy - it's easier when Dave is home to help in that department.  Man, the things I'll do to get a smile.  These outtakes were the bulk of my haul, and I almost love them just as much:

This is Clark's usual pose these days, hands up because he's so proud he can (sort of) control them, and eying his feet because he can't figure out how they keep moving.

And that little self satisfied mug on the right?  I just love that.

 I'm not gunna tell you what that face on the left means, except that that little blue line on his diaper was yellow a few seconds earlier...

I'm always impressed by how much spit up comes out of such a little body...

Mom, are you done taking pictures yet???

And I just love those chubby cheeks.  The day they disappear will be a sad day indeed.


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