happy love day

What with busy season going strong these days, Clark, Dave, and I have been lucky to spend two minutes together with all three of us awake at the same time.  So I could have kissed his manager when she sent Dave home (relatively) early on Friday night and told him he didn't have to come in on Saturday.  Two whole days of being together??  We were going to live it up.

Saturday morning was just what it ought to be: a baby in pajamas and cuddling in bed.  I keep thinking certain outfits are too big for this little boy and then I wash them and...they fit exactly.  Can't believe this little chunk is growing so fast.

As per Valentines tradition there were heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and homemade whipped cream.  My favorite.

For lunch we mozied on up to a local haunt we've been wanting to try called The Braise and Crumble.  Doesn't the name just sound delicious?  And the food was just as good.

I love that picture of Clark on my lap - he looks so tiny!  And on the stroll home we were sure this little bug was planning something devious...

I will never admit how many pictures we took trying to smooch those little cheeks just right.  But it was a lot.

"Hey baby, I'm a sucker for you.  Happy Valentine's Day." - Clark


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