a sorta vacation

So sometimes Dave has to be gone for a week or so for business and, while that totally stinks, it is such a treat to be living close enough to my parents so that I can just pop down there for the week and hang out with them.

This time was a bit more of an adventure beeeecause...my parents are redoing their kitchen.  So we definitely played upstairs more, ate out more than usual, and made do with a make-shift mini kitchen in the garage.  It was a party ;)  But playing with Grammy and Poppy 24/7 is worth it!

Those morning toes at the breakfast table just kill me, and have I mentioned I need to buy white sheets?  Also that little confused mug is my favorite.

That little intense face is stinkin' hilarious, but not characteristic of our little dude.  That mug on the right side is more his everyday face ;)

Bath time is just that much more fun at Grammy's house.

Sleepy baby cuddles are the best and the little dude's neck has just been getting strong enough lately to start flying around the house.  He's still warming up to it, but I kinda love it.

Once Dave got back in town we went out for lunch with some of my parents friends and Clark was a champ restauranteur.  Classy little dude.

And waking up to Grammy on a Sunday morning somehow makes those cheeks extra chubby and delicious.

And last, but not least, cousin Bella was pretty great with the babe this time around.  They're a couple of buds these two.

Thanks for having us for the week mom and dad!  I'm sure we'll be back soon ;)

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