a month of firsts

Baby boy is mere days away from being one whole month old.  Where does the time go??  This month we had a lot of firsts with our new little peanut, the least of which being learning how to function on considerably less Z's.  We're figuring it out ;)  Mostly Dave and I are feeling pretty good that we haven't messed up this whole parenting gig too much yet!

And now for a gallery of his firsts:

 ^^ Our first day home.  A long, lovely day of cuddles and just staring at those plump little cheeks. ^^

^^ Clark's first bath.  Turns out holding a slippery baby is kind of hard to do. ^^

^^ Clark meeting his future girlfriend for the first time and catching that cheeser on camera finally. ^^

 ^^ Our first family walk breaking in that new stroller and meeting Grandma Cindy for the first time - we love her so! ^^

^^ Baby boy's first official piece of mail and his first Christmas tree.  Obviously he was enamored by both. ^^

Cheers to many more firsts to come!

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