1 month

Well, we did it.  We've kept this little peanut alive for one whole month.  There were no major accidents, he's sleeping, eating, and pooping with abandon, and the bags under my eyes aren't too glaring (don't tell me otherwise - I don't need to know).

Stats as of his two week check up:
  • Weight: 25th percentile
  • Height: 75th percentile
  • Head Circumference: 95th percentile

So he's kind of a slim, tall kid with a bigger noggin.  Obviously he's destined to be a genius - a genius who's momma needs to go by some baby caps in a larger size.  Newborn caps?  Fo-get about it.  As of that two week appointment he was clocking in at 8 lb, 1 oz - up 5 ounces from his birth weight - and 21.5 inches tall - up an inch and a half from birth.  This kid is growing like a weed and he's pretty happy about it.

Lately we've been able to catch some giggles and I swear he smiles at me on purpose sometimes.  Or maybe it's just gas bubbles, but I like to believe the former.

Clark's umbilical cord feel off around week 2 and I was crazy excited to give him his first real bath.  I was nervous he'd hate it, but the moment his little buns hit that warm water he just melted.  It was stinkin' adorable and so fun to watch him experience water for the first time.  I'm already pumped for many bath times to come.

So far our consistent nighttime stretch is 3 and half hours (he gave me 4 once, but it's yet to reoccur so I don't count it much) and we're getting the hang of nursing, ie: I'm not yelping in pain anymore when he latches on.  Progress!

Sad news: this kid is balding.  Around 3 weeks we gave him a bath and while I was combing his hair it just started to fall out!  He now has a clean little cul-de-sac of bare skin right on top of his head - hence the need to buy more baby hats.  And, yes, for the month of December, that little Santa hat is for sure going to be a permanent fixture.  I kind of love it.

Things that have been invaluable this first month:
  • Our bouncer.  Heaven bless that thing.  He loves it, but I think I might love it more.  Best.  Gift.  Ever.
  • Grandmas.  My mom came and stayed with us the first week we brought Clark home and David's mom came for a long weekend a few weeks later.  Both of them spoiled us rotten and I haven't had to think about laundry or groceries in a month.  What a huge blessing.
  • Our rocking chair.  That thing - worth every penny for those cozy late night feedings.
  • Oxiclean.  This kid has a cannon on him and, yes, we've already cleaned poo and pee off the wall, the carpet, and everything in between (TMI?  It's just the truth). 

To be honest, this has been the longest, shortest month of my life.  The days stretch on, but then all of  a sudden I blink and 3 weeks have gone by!  I'm so happy to be this little guy's momma.  Sometimes I think about what I would be doing if he wasn't here and, while it would be easier, it wouldn't be anywhere nearly as rewarding.

We love you baby Clark! 

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