nursery tour

So we finally got the nursery up and going and, of course, that warrants a few pictures before it becomes a lived in and loved room.  Right now I'll revel in its clean walls and unused, pristine sheets.  It won't be long now before baby boy claims it as his own!!  Due date is officially one week away and I'm a ball of nerves and excitement over here.

I kind of didn't mean to, but we ended up with this turquoise accent cropping up throughout the whole room.  The lamp (we already owned), the quilt (a sweet gift), the prints (a re-purposed calendar), they just all kept bringing this lovely blue/green back in and I just decided to stop fighting it ;)

This crib was a major steal off of Craigslist that I found when we were only 5ish months along.  It felt SO good to check off such a big ticket item so soon and I kind of love it.

These sweet city prints are from an old Rifle Paper Co. calendar that I decided were too cute not to be used again and I adore that print of Mt Timpanogos.  It was one of my favorite sights in Utah and I love having it be front and center over the crib (and, of course, it's turquoise so, you know, it goes).

We found this sweet little wooden animal banner on Etsy and it's among my favorite things in this room.  It's such a tiny thing that adds just a touch of love to such a simple crib.  It'll probably come down soon - once baby boy figures out how to grab things - but for now it's my favorite.

I'm also a bit in love with our rocking chair.  I kept going back and forth about it.  Some reviews were stellar, while others said it was much to rigid and not nearly comfy enough to rock a new babe in.  Well, I'm happy to report that it's a pretty perfect chair for me.  It's definitely not a squishy LazyBoy kind of ride, but it's just soft and comfy enough with room to break it in just a bit.  I've taken to curling up in that corner in the mornings with my book and rocking away.  Pretty sure baby boy and I will be plenty happy here.

I was a bit stumped about how to arrange things over the changing table, but they finally came together and I think I'm pretty happy about it.   I love the idea of a chalkboard that can be changed up as he gets older, but right now that sweet little bassinet just kills me.

Annnnnndd that's a rap!  Hopefully baby boy will like his little space as much as I do, but to be honest, I'm pretty sure he won't care one bit.  He'd probably be just as happy sleeping in a laundry basket in a room with blank white walls.  We all know the nursery is for the momma ;)

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