baby journal: week 38

(Because every pregnant lady has to attempt to take that Pinterest inspired bumpin' silhouette picture - this was ours)

I gotta tell you, it's pretty weird to be getting to the end of a lot of my to-do list:
  • Found a pediatrician - ✓
  • Got things hung on the walls in the nursery - ✓
  • Washed baby's bedding and newborn clothes - ✓
  • Installed the car seat - ✓
  • Got our hospital bags all packed - ✓
  • Filled in the beginning of our baby book - ✓

All these check marks make me realize that baby boy could come, well, any time now.  And that is both terrifying and exciting and ridiculous. Also telling 15 people at Target that my due date is next week was all sorts of craziness.

My fingers currently feel like they're 80-years-old and arthritic.  I feel pretty good about making it almost all the way with my wedding ring intact, but I've been missing it like crazy these last few weeks!  Soon...

We saw the doc again this week and all is good and quiet on the baby front.  I'm officially dilated to 1cm now (in case you were wondering) and we set up an appointment to see him again on Monday next week.  My heart kind of skipped a beat, though, when our doc looked at his schedule and was like, "well, we might make it to our next appointment or we might now...we'll just have to wait and see what baby does!"  Eek!  That made me want to run home, clean the whole house, double/triple check my hospital bag, and get a pedicure asap.  Then again, all the little old ladies at church are assuring me that baby boy could totally come 10 days late, so, there's that ;)

The only kind of exciting thing around here is that I've finally had a few Braxton Hicks contractions - aka: fake contractions, but it makes me feel like we're getting somewhere!  They make my tummy feel like it's hard as a rock and don't last much longer than a minute.  Much different from how I imagine actual contractions feel - more like a cramp and squeezing sensation?  What do I know.  I guess we'll find out (hopefully) soon!!

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