baby journal: week 37

Well, apparently, 37 weeks is considered:
 officially full term.

What???  Holy cow friends, that means we're in the danger zone.  Baby boy could come any day between now and November 14th and it would really be go time.  Crazy times.

A plus about being pregnant in October?  You get to figure out a bumpin' Halloween costume.  Dave and I have been brainstorming for a while: bun in the oven & the baker, pregnant Kate Middleton & Prince William, Wilson the volleyball and a shipwrecked Tom Cruise from Cast Away, but we couldn't decided.  Then David, the creative genius, came up with this whole ticking time bomb routine and I couldn't resist.  I was a bit hesitant about strapping some fake TNT to my baby belly (suicide bomber much...?), but the joke was too good to pass up.  So Dave donned a Bomb Squad tshirt and we called it a night.  Thank goodness people at our ward Halloween party thought it was funny ;)

Aside from swollen fingers and slightly puffy ankles, I don't have a ton to complain about.  Well, if you don't count the back aches and the fact that my hips are trying to crack themselves apart, but, you know, I digress.

Things are really starting to feel real around here.  I did my first load of laundry full of tiny baby clothes and bed sheets and it killed me.  They're so small!  The nursery is slowly getting organized, we've got the swing all set up, and the car seat is ready to install.  Crazy times I tell you, crazy times.

I was pretty sure I'd start feeling claustrophobic around this point in my pregnancy and I totally have...just not for me, for baby boy!  I was sitting in bed the other night thinking about how he is just continuing to get bigger in such a small space, and how dark it is in there - not to mention the tiny opening he'd going to have worm himself through soon!  It made me get all sweaty and clammy just thinking about it for him!  Haha, I wasn't expecting that.

Lastly, and at the risk of being a little too TMI, Dave and I saw the doc this week and...I'm almost dilated to 1cm!!  I just feel kind of accomplished over here.  But don't worry, pretty sure baby boy is staying put for a few more weeks.  Or, at least, that's what I'm telling myself...the lady checking me out at Ross the other day assured me I was going to come sooner...um, thanks?

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