baby journal: week 36

Well, nesting is for sure a real thing and it has been doing the rounds in our little apartment lately.  Honestly, the only reason we will be really settled into this place before the one year mark (how long it's taken me in past apartments...) is because the nesting bug has had me up one side and down the other rearranging, organizing, IKEA running, cleaning, and re-rearranging (sorry Dave) - it's been chaos, but, you know, with better results.

We're getting to the final countdown over here, and, while I'm really excited, the more I read about childbirth the more I think, "um, yeah, you can just stay in there forever little guy..."

But really. 

On an educational note, I actually learned what an epidural is this week.  I've been counting on one since the beginning, but I guess I always just assumed an epidural was this big shot.  I mean, the only thing people ever say about it is that it's this huge needle (see above paragraph), but upon further research it now has become clear that it's this tube they stick in your spine with a huge needle and drip the meds through...how come no one ever mentions that little fact?  Still pretty sure I want one, but I'm super glad I figured out the deets beforehand.  Being surprised with a huge needle and tubing apparatus in the midst of active labor?  Not quite in my birth plan.

Speaking of birth plans, mine's still open for interpretation.  So far it's: call doctor, get to the hospital, get epidural, do what they tell me, come home with baby.  I like to keep things simple.

One of the funniest things now days is telling people I'm due in 4 weeks and seeing their eyes pop.  I may not look it, but there is for sure a little honeydew of a babe wriggling around in there, and he has an affinity for crowding my lungs - don't mind me while I pant after walking up one flight of stairs.  Seriously, one part of me is just excited for this babe to drop so I can breath easier.  Literally.

In an effort to actually be a responsible parent I've finally spent some time looking for pediatricians.  Seriously, it's been on my to-do list for, well, too long, and I've been avoiding it like the plague.  It's just that I hate finding new doctors!  I just want someone to tell me so-and-so is great, go to them.  (sigh) I've made the rounds at church and I didn't talk to a single momma who likes her pediatrician very much, or they have Kaiser for their insurance which is pretty much locked up tight if you're not in the loop.  So, last week, I begged my OB for recommendations and, honestly, the man was a saint.  He sat me down and gave me a solid three doctors to go look into, what he likes about them, their contact info, and a host of other things.  I could have kissed him.  Now I've done what I've been dreading and set up consultations, which we all know is to basically scope out the office, staff, and doctor's bedside manner.  We'll see how they go...

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