baby journal: week 39

Well, as life is wont to do, the best laid plans of mice and mommas-to-be are apt to go awry.  Baby boy is still happy and healthy, my fingers feel like puffed up sausages/ 80-year-old arthritic claws, and my back is ready to say adios to this pulling weight on my tummy - these were all to be expected.  What wasn't in the game plan was going into the doctor Monday afternoon for one last ultrasound and the thumbs up for the all good when...things changed.  Baby boy is completely wonderful (and estimated around a whopping 8 pounds!), but he somehow has somersaulted himself to be completely breech.


Our doctor was shocked and, honestly, so were we.  With only a few shorts days left to my due date and a baby that our doctor is pretty sure will come this week, with very little likelihood that he will flip back on his own, he strongly advised us to call the hospital and set up a scheduled C-section for sooner rather than later.  Dave and I were pretty stunned and I would be lying if I said I didn't start crying some pretty terrified tears at this point.  A C-section was sooooo never in the cards, I hadn't even thought about it and, quite frankly, I was a mess about it for a while there.

Contractions?  Water breaking?  Pushing this little dude out?  Mentally I was so there.

Scrubbing up?  A surgery?  A spinal block?  Ummmm...what?  Yikes!

I'm so grateful for good doctors who are patient and understanding.  My OB sat us down and explained that if my water broke and I went into labor on my own with baby boy still bum down there could be some very real and very scary scenarios on the table.  Ultimately this is all about getting baby boy here in one pink and rosy piece so we decided the best thing to do was to pick this boy out a birthday and get things moving.  Scheduling for Tuesday just seemed like too crazy for me to even consider, so we scooted over to Wednesday and set go time for 11/12/14 at 12:30PM.

When we went home yesterday afternoon we started making calls and asking for added prayers in our behalf for this little nugget to turn head down again.  I mean, if we can avoid surgery, I gotta tell you, I'm all for it.  Then there was a host of Googling and some pretty funny contortioning going on all night long.  (And, no, laying on an ironing board is NOT comfortable, in case you were wondering)  Parts of me keeps thinking this or that is helping the little dude move, but really, who knows?? 

We'll have to see tomorrow...

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C said...

Hi Carly, I've followed you on your blog for a long time and am hoping your little guy made it into the world safe and sound ♡ Hope you are adjusting well to motherhood, there's nothing like it... I'd love to follow you and your sweet boy on Instagram!