it's a baby shower!

There is something so wonderful about a party revolving around babies, good food, and lovely ladies.  It would be an understatement to say baby boy and I were spoiled.

Also we were the silliest and didn't take a picture when the whole gang was there!  I'm the worst at taking pictures at parties so these are just of the few of the sweet friends that came out to celebrate.

A theme like Ready to Pop! just begs for delicious foods to be eaten: popcorn, cake pops, fizzy poppy drinks.  And those caramel and chocolate covered pretzels stacked sky high?  Holy cow, I might have eaten 6 of them single handedly.  Three for me, 3 for baby, right??

All these lovely Moffat ladies drove from far and wide (LA & San Diego & Temecula) to come celebrate with us.  Family is the best.  And they give the very best gifts.  My Aunt Beth made baby boy a beautiful quilt that matches his nursery perfectly.  And my cousins and Aunt Barbra showered baby boy with Disney themed goodness that just tugs at your heartstrings.  A little Pinocchio onesie??  I die.

Many thanks to this wonderful mama of mine who was the master planner and hostess extraordinaire.  Living (reasonably) close by is the best thing right now and I cannot wait for baby boy to meet his grandma. 

This awesome college freshman made the trek down just to be there for baby boy's shower.  So fun to have her there to celebrate! By the time she comes back down for Thanksgiving break they'll be a new addition to the family!  Ah!!  Crazy times.


Honestly, one of the best parts of the night?  Guess who showed up on our doorstep?  The Nemrows!  They had a funeral to attend close by earlier in the day and then they decided to just pop by and say hello!  I couldn't have been more surprised!  Unfortunately it was just a down and back kind of trip, 24-hours only, but it was such a treat to chat and share some of that baby shower fun with them.

Annnnd now that the shower has come and gone, things are starting to feel really real.  Time to install the car seat and pack some hospital bags - the countdown has begun!

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