highlights #106

Happy October all!  All I'm wanting now days is to gear up in layers, sweaters, and boots and drink hot chocolate wrapped up in a blanket and slippers.  Well, I can dream can't I?  In reality it's been in the high 80's/ low 90's all week and there doesn't appear to be an end in sight.  (sigh)  My solution has been to crank the A/C at night and drink a cup of hot cocoa anyway just to spite this ridiculous fall heatwave.  So take that Southern California!

While I go pull out some (light) sweaters - hey, this girl is still pregnant, don't wanna overheat around here - here are some fun finds from the web:

how I feel from September to November

the evolution of the iPhone - still trying to get my hands on a 6!

kinda how I feel about The Great Gatsby...maybe I just don't get it

we've been hanging curtains lately

isn't this the sweetest print??

rare pics of Hollywood's hot shots

a fun social experiment

the world's cutest argument

how to make a regular scarf into an infinity scarf - genius!  How have I never thought of this??

8 ways to live a really, really long time - #2 is my favorite

and I'm pretty sure a slice of this would go great with my evening cocoa - chocolate is a food group, right?


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