highlights #105

This has been one of those weeks where I'm just begging my hair to grow faster.  Something about a long, tussled ponytail is sounding so darn fantastic these days and my hair is...not there yet.  Darn you Pinterest.  Patience.  Patience.  All good things to, well, you know.  Speaking of things we can't have, I am dying for it to be fall-ish around here already.  I've been lighting candles in hopes that the outside world will get the message and start cooling off, but so far no luck.  We're still stuck in the mid 90's.  Bleh.

While I take my fall addiction one step further and go find more pumpkin recipes, here are some fun finds from around the web:

these knit dolls are pretty stinkin' cute (Pierre the Bunny?  I die)

we liked Spot It before it was cool ;)

my current watch love

what if you only wore ONE COLOR - kind of crazy

this made me laugh

I love all these prints

smart people jokes (confession: I didn't get a few of these...number 21 anyone?)

great DIY art

one dapper kid - also I love Shark Tank

I love her beauty routine

I'm not really a bird person, but these guys are pretty fantastic

for Christmas? (with a newborn?  Ha!)

and the coolest cotton candy you've ever seen


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Christy said...

Oh Carly if your looking for pumpkin recipes I just tried one from my friend and it is to die for. Here is the link

You can eat it warm out of the oven but it is meant to be eaten cold I think...anyway it is so good the next day right out of the fride. We are serving it at our upcoming leadership training. Enjoy and be prepared to give some away otherwise you'll eat it all :)