baby journal: week 31

One of my favorite things to do now days is to look up what a sweet little preemie baby looks like born at such and such weeks.  Since hitting week 30 it's crazy how fully developed they look!  (ie: here)  I know I've said it before, but seriously, it's so crazy to think there really is a little baby in there squirming around, hiccuping, and growing like mad.  I'm starting to get so excited to kiss his fat little cheeks.

This week baby boy is, apparently, the size of a pineapple - a pineapple folks!  Dave and I went to the market on Saturday and I held one up to my belly and I gotta tell you, pineapples are kinda big.  Maybe it's his added growth that has now given baby boy the ability to tickle me...from the inside!  It is the strangest feeling.  He's also heating me up like a bonfire so the A/C is really non negotiable these days.

Big week highlight: we went and toured the maternity ward at the hospital we'll be delivering at.  I have to tell you, I felt so funny walking into the hospital while pregnant without any signs of labor.  It just felt a little anticlimactic.  The tour, however, was fabulous and they gave us as many cookies as we wanted.  Be still my prego carb craving heart.  (Yes, Dave grabbed four for the road.  Yes, we were the only ones that took that many.  Embarrassing.)  We weren't able to see the actual labor and delivery rooms because they had a full house that night, but it was good for my muddled pregnant mind to see what I could expect, be told where we should park, and what we needed to bring.  I have zero desire to be in labor and filling out forms so when they gave us everything we'd need ahead of time I knew we were a match made in heaven ;)  And, yes, I went home and filled out almost every form - fortune favors the prepared, right??

The cutest thing this week?  My bump has finally made it to that stage where it doubles as a shelf (not the cute part), so on Wednesday night when Dave called to tell me he was on his way home from work I put the call on speaker and placed my phone on my new found phone rest.  And when Dave started talking?  Baby boy started kicking like crazy.  He knows his daddy already.  Kind of adorable.

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