baby journal: week 32

We got to go to the doctor again this week and watch baby boy squirm up on the big screen.  Holy cow, he is the most entertaining little bean - you know I could watch him all day.  Which is what I fully expect to do once he comes, by the by.  We saw him open and close his little mouth and twist about (in what room he has left - not much!), and I just about died.  Doctor gave us the thumbs up that all is well and we're going to start having appointments every 2 weeks!  Ah!  That means we're getting closer!  Crazy.  Baby boy is even set to go and in postilion with his head pointed down, which is nuts.  Who said we were ready for you come yet darlin'?  Hold your little horses a bit longer, alright?

I'm also starting to feel like, all of a sudden, I have this huge bump attached to me that came out of nowhere.  I was just going along, minding my own business and then all of a sudden I'm most definitely, unmistakably pregnant.  Surprise!  I'm having a baby.  Now everyone knows.  Baby boy is also favoring the left side, as of late, so this big baby bump is, every so sweetly, lopsided.  Also, since real estate is becoming scare, baby has transitioned from little kicks to a lot of...twisting?  Squirming?  Wriggling feels like the right word.  During the day it doesn't really register, but when I lay down at night to sleep?  Totally feels like I ate a bucket full of worms.  Kind of a weird sensation...

Dave and I also went to a class up at the hospital on nursing on Thursday night and I think it was a success.  It wasn't so much that the instructor told us anything super new, but more that she just reassured us that such and such is normal or this and that is to be expected and gave us some good resources for extra info.  I'm also pretty sure it was just good for Dave and I to sit down and get the same info on at least one topic concerning this babe.  At least we'll be on the same page about something!  Maybe?

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