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So, sometimes on this blog I will write about more than baby updates and fun things I found on the web.  This is one of those times. 

Saturday was a day of vacuuming, David golfing with the guys, trying (and failing) to find the iPhone 6, and then finding out Dave's work had an extra ticket to the Dodger's game that night.  Dave was planning to go to the game with his team that night and I was going to make a cup of tea and watch chick flicks til I fell asleep on the couch, but, you know, plans change. 

What with me being an 8 month pregnant lady I was skeptical about what kind of bleacher style baseball stadium seats I would be able to endure for 9 innings, but it appears the pregnancy angels were smiling on me that night.  Those seats were actually comfortable-ish and baby boy didn't kick my badder once.  Plus I somehow scored a seat on the aisle close to a bathroom - miracles do happen.  Also we had pretty stinkin' good seats: second tier behind home base.  Not too shabby.  Thanks E&Y!

Technically I guess I'm an Angles fan, but I can't really back that up with anything except I grew up in Orange County, went to a handful of Angels games as a kid, and somewhere along the way I picked up a bright red Angles cap (that I never wear).  Now that we live in Dodger territory I'm more than happy to root for the blue over the red.  Shhh, don't tell anyone.

The munchies at Dodger stadium didn't disappoint this time around either.  Those Dodger dogs??  Give me another one please.  I can go for a good hotdog and a baseball game any day. 

Also worthy of note:  I actually watched a baseball game for the first time pretty much ever.  Since going to college I can get into a good football game, but baseball has always been a snooze fest in my book.  Not so on Saturday night.  The Dodgers were putting on a great show and when the Rockies hit a home run in the top of the 9th that tied the game we just couldn't leave early.  There ended up being 12 innings (which I predicted) and the Dodgers came out with a win.  I think I could like baseball now...

It was pretty fun night, topped off with a great view of the little skyline LA has to offer us a backdrop on our way home.  It's a pretty fun city we live in.

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