No matter that Dave and I have been out of town pretty much every weekend for the last month - we left again!  But hey, with a baby coming in a few short months we're trying to enjoy the time we have left with just the two of us.  Which is why we took a kind of impromptu babymoon down to Laguna Beach this past weekend.  It was a short trip, down Friday night and back up Sunday afternoon, but I'm not complaining.

We spent Saturday morning enjoying a continental breakfast and satisfying my doughnut cravings (score) and then sauntered on down to the beach where we planted ourselves for the full day (beneath the shade of an umbrella - no burns this time please!).  Part of the fun of sitting on the beach is just people watching, and we got a full show on Saturday.  Crazy kids, surfer dudes, and a lifeguard with her hands full, it was pretty entertaining.  Also, there is probably nothing better than a salty sea breeze and sand between your toes.  Just sayin'.

 ^^^  This might be one of my favorite pictures from our weekend.  We were walking back from the beach when a darling lady is the brightest royal blue dress you could imagine stopped us and started to gush about how great we looked: just like a painting!  All that orange and blue!  She insisted we get our picture taken before we changed, so of course I asked her snap one.  She was hilarious and probably took 8 pictures of us.  Made me laugh.

That night we cleaned ourselves up and strolled downtown Laguna along PCH.  When the restaurant we really wanted to go to told us there was an hour and a half wait for a table my starving pregnant heart pretty much fell through the floorboards.  I just couldn't make it that long without sustenance.  Our solution?  Go get dessert first.  It was a perfect plan.  And that dark chocolate hazelnut gelato was on the crazy side of delicious.  We then ended up having a lovely time strolling shops and watching the sunset while surfers caught the last of the day's breakers beneath our lookout.  It was a happy upset, and, yes, don't worry, the food was worth waiting for.  Those deviled eggs?  Ohhhh baby...

Also thank goodness for kind strangers who take pity on a couple trying to take a selfie and offering to take our picture.  You are the best.  We are sending good karma your way.

The next day we lounged, slept in, went to a later church meeting, and strolled the ocean cliffs.  We would have stayed and watched the waves longer, but honest to goodness, it was 89 degrees and I was seriously going to faint.  Being 7 months pregnant is no cake walk, I tell ya.  I needed air conditioning and ice water stat.

Despite it being gone in a blink, it was lovely weekend.  The nice thing about staycations though, is that they're never too far away :)  See you soon Laguna!  (and maybe a gelato too...)

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