baby journal: week 29

Week 29, aka: bump goes to Utah.  And what with the plethora of good food we ate whilst up north, the bump might have come home with a little extra padding...

Sorry, not sorry.

One nutty thing that clicked together in my head this week was the fact that baby boy really looks like a little baby in there now!  A girlfriend of mine delivered her baby girl prematurely a few weeks ago (mom and baby are doing fine) and posted the baby's picture at 29 weeks out and about in the world, and holy moly!  She looks like a for real and serious little baby!  Of course, this is silliness.  What else would that little karate chopping machine in my womb look like, but it's still crazy.  I showed Dave those pictures and his eyes got as big as saucers - "Seriously?  That's what our baby looks like right now??" He had an even harder time wrapping his mind around it than I did.

Another milestone in the holy crap it's third trimester and there's so much to do checklist is we got the crib set up and put together!  It looks pretty crazy in our little second bedroom (which is presently half nursery/ half storage space - add that to the checklist), but things are starting to feel real around here.  We also ordered our glider so check, check, and check.

Baby boy is starting to have some REAL opinions about my sitting positions around here.  It's pretty funny trying to find a posture where we're both comfortable.  Slouching appears to be a thing of the past.

Also hilarious is how little routines have had to change to accommodate my growing bump.  Example: checking out at the grocery store.  I used to unload from the front of the cart, then scoot around the side to get to the back of the cart to push it through to the bagger.  Not anymore.  That narrow aisle was not built to graciously hold both baby boy and myself.  Que a whole lot of squirming and finagling and a funny look from the cashier. 

Weekly highlight: I'm pretty sure I felt baby boy having a hiccuping fit on Monday night.  And I'm even more sure Dave and I caught him at it on Tuesday night.  It's silly how much I enjoyed it.

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