baby journal: week 27

This is a sneak peak of the gorgeous maternity pictures my sister in law snapped for me to document little bean and I whilst out eastward.  We had a great time trying to hide my sun scorched legs and showing off baby boy.  Fun times.

The craziest thing that happened this week is that I am officially in my third trimester!!  Holy moly, where does the time go?  Can't believe we're in the final chapter of this whole thing and yeah, maybe we should get that nursery put together, huh?

An update on my Flintstone feet: elevation, foot massages (bless you David), and drinking absurd amounts of agua did the trick.  I now have ankles again and fingers crossed it stays that way till baby boy comes. 

My first official act as a 27 month along, third trimester pregnant lady was to take a 4 hour red eye flight to Michigan - smart, huh?  It actually was pretty painless as I slept for two hours, got up to walk the aisles, and then slept the next two hours, but it was still pretty humorous.

Whilst in Michigan I was much more liberal with the SPF and didn't get toasted a single bit, but oh did my shins peel.  That was delightful.  Baby and I discovered we liked biking around little South Haven - perhaps mostly because it was very flat terrain - and floating on my tummy out on a raft out on the lake.  That felt heavenly.  Cousin baby Tobler is also the size of rutabaga (has anyone ever actually seen one of those?), and it was fun to compare bumps with Kristin for the last time before babies come!     

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