baby journal: week 26

(Let it be known that this is probably my most favorite bumpin' picture we've taken thus far - just sayin'.)

This week we headed down for part I of a two part, two week, two family vacation series.  Part I belongs to the Nemrows and beautiful San Clemente, California aka: my favorite beach pretty much ever.  Just can't beat it. 

Sadly, this picture is the calm before the storm.  I'm normally really, really good when it comes to sunscreen (burns = so not worth it), and as you can see, my alabaster skin is on the glowing side of the spectrum.  Read: it hasn't seen much sun since last summer (or who knows when).  I was good and lathered up my arms, back, face, chest, shoulders, wore my hat, sat under the umbrella, all those good things...I just kinda missed my legs.  Sigh.  They got toasted.  Most especially my ankles.  I should have documented the damage, but it was not a pretty sight.  To justify me a little bit, apparently while pregnant you become more susceptible to the sun, but that didn't help ease the pain.

I woke up the morning after this picture was taken in such crazy, tight, ruby red skinned agony that David had to help hobble me over to the loo and back.  No fun.  Also, no fun is when your pregnant ankles decide to freak out and become balloons because of your traumatic sunburn.  Hello kankles, you are real.  Plus I just got a manicure and painted my toes a lovely shade of violet which clashed quite nicely with my tomato sausage feet.  Moral of the story?  Cover up kids.  Being burned in the pits.   Thank goodness for aloe, numbing spray, and the really nice concierge lady who sent a bagillion pillows to our room so I could prop up all my puffy extremities in peace.

Ah pregnancy, you are so glamorous.

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