baby journal: week 25

Well, it happened.  This week was the first time I tried on something from my pre-pregnancy wardrobe and it woefully didn't fit.  I'm not feeling too bad for myself as I've made it 25 weeks with no problems (and trying on a pre-prego pencil skirt for church on Sunday really was a long shot), but it was  mile marker.  This belly of mine has become a nice little bump and, while I feel huge when I look down at my feet, when I turn sideways and look in the mirror it's never as big as I think it is. 

Sleeping is still a constant dance - I swear it's like clockwork.  Every single night I wake up at the same time and must switch the side I'm sleeping on.  Right to left, left to right, doesn't matter, but somehow 4 hours is the max about of time that baby boy will put up with one position.  I'm not sure if he's punching me in the ribs to give me the memo or it's some kind of mama spidey sense, but it sure isn't helping this whole getting a good night's rest deal I'm trying to get going over here.

We saw the doc on Wednesday for my 25-week check up and all is well.  We got to see our little guy on the ultrasound (probably for the last time - *sniff*) and the doctor got a really crazy snapshot of him looking at the screen where you can see the outline of his little nose and the shadows of both his eyes.  Honestly, it's totally nutty to see his face (in very blurry detail), and I'm getting even more excited to see the real thing!

I also took my glucose test at this appointment to make sure I haven't developed gestational diabetes and all that jazz.  I'm fine getting blood work done and all that, but that sugary drink they give you?  Bleh.  Think flat lemon-lime syrupy sugar water.  Not exactly refreshing, but we pulled through.  Fingers crossed I pass with flying colors so I don't have to retake it :P

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