nemrow family vacay 2014

The end of summer and I have had a little bit of a love/hate relationship.  Love because both of our big family vacations where slated for the end of August, but hate because it's August.  The end of summer!  It's always bittersweet, and made more especially so because we don't get all the autumn magic here in Southern California - so it's just kinda the end of summer lovin' without the hope of crisp fall air and chunky sweaters.  But I digress.

For the Nemrow family's get together this year we headed down southward to cozy up in San Clemente for the week, aka: my favorite beach.  Besides the fact that burned the heck out of my shins and feet (eek!! not fun), we had a jolly time and even more fun running around all over the place with nieces and nephews.

Introducing Ethan to the ocean for the first time was kind of the cutest thing ever.  He was really hesitant at first, but he warmed right up to it in no time.

This is basically how we set up camp every day: a bunch of chairs and umbrellas.  My legs strayed just a little too far from that shade...

Meeting baby Abby for the first time was definitely a trip highlight - isn't she gorgeous??  Christy and Jake welcomed her into their family about a month earlier and she was such a little darling.  Asking Jaden how to say her name was equally cute: "Aabbb" was about as close as he could get ;)

Also having a little newborn to hold was kind of the best thing ever after I fried my legs.  I was shade bound anyhow, so baby girl and I watched everyone play in the waves - ok, she slept, but I watched everyone.

 I try to get a brother picture at most family trips - I need to work on getting a girl picture too...

 Thank goodness for big floppy hats and longgg wraps.  Save that virgin skin!

Jadon was just small enough where the waves were too crazy for him - but the sand, oh man, that was where it was at for this guy.

^^ Before said leg frying (or probably in process of...) ^^

What with having family vacations back to back we had to cut our time a little short with Nemrows to get some travel time under our belts for our next trip.  We took an impromptu family Christmas card picture after dinner (my favorite way to do it - no stressing about outfits and hair) and said our goodbyes.  But the next time we see these folks we'll have a babe in arms!!  Hello, that's crazy times.

Apparently, stripes was a common theme... (and don't mind my red, puffy, Flintstone feet - bless Christy for cutting them out of the Christmas card)

Thanks for the best time Nemrows!  Getting to hang with you guys is one of the highlights of our summer!

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