prom // baby journal: week 15

This weekend was the **sniff** last time Dave and will ever drive down to join in the fun of high school dances with my little sis.  The end of an era!  It finally came.

Our little Brookie Sue looked gorgeous, had a totally fun date, and is all grown up.  I can hardly believe she'll be off to COLLEGE in a few short weeks!  Look out BYU, you're gettin' a good one.

^^^ consider this my 15 week bump pic ^^^

As of this week I am now officially 15 weeks along with baby N and going strong!  Silly enough I'm still trying to kick a tickly-throat/cough combo which, according to my doc, has been brought on by pregnancy induced allergies!  What??  I've never had problems with allergies before.  Thank you hormones and all your weird side effects.  However, this one has got to be the most annoying so far as I hack over in the corner trying to itch my throat and sounding like I have the plague.  Don't mind me, I'm just pregnant.

I've also discovered the pros and cons of moving while pregnant:
Pros: you can't lift anything
Cons: you can't lift anything

Dave and I have started packing up for our move to Pasadena this Saturday and I have never been so grateful for kind church members, missionaries, and family who have come over and lifted everything for me.  I'm a little paranoid about trying to heave anything too heavy whilst carrying little tiny in there too, and we couldn't have done half the packing (and trekking down 3 flights of stairs) without help.  Consider me humbled and grateful.

As of 15 weeks baby is the size of an orange (gotta be a small one though because this bump...you guys, it's tiny) and is:
  • Moving!! I think...maybe?  It was probably just a muscle twitch/ air bubble, but it was so exciting - can't wait to feel baby move for real :)
  • Being kind and not suctioning away all my energy these days.  Less napping = more time for packing.  Thanks baby!
  • Making me dizzy.
  • And giving me nosebleeds - good thing you're worth it kiddo. 

And have I mentioned how crazy excited I am to see our doctor next week?!??  We should be finding out the gender and I am going stir crazy over here with the anticipation!

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AandM Gassin said...

Congratulations, Carly! We are expecting a little girl in August, so it's fun to hear that y'all are expecting as well. :) You will be the cutest parents!