memorial day

E&Y gained a few points with me when I found out David gets two whole days off for Memorial Day.  Instead of just the Monday after the weekend, he gets the Friday before off as well!  Thanks Uncle Ernie, we sure enjoyed our vacation time this weekend.  Four whole days to ourselves?  What should we do??  Well, the answer was obvious to us: go down to Orange County and hang out with the family!  We had plays to go to, shopping to be done, swimming to be enjoyed, it was delightful.

Brooke played Madame De La Grande Bouchet - aka the wardrobe - in her high school's spring musical, Beauty & the Beast.  She was faaaaaabulous and the play was thoroughly entertaining, even by high school standards.  I was charmed by their cute little cast and found myself smiling the whole time.  Thanks for giving us a reason to sing and clap Brookie!

^^ Can you see a little, itty, bitty bump there??  It's coming! ^^

We spent the rest of the weekend studiously taking...barely any other pictures.  I definitely should have snapped a few of me wearing the huge fake bump they provide for you in the maternity store to get a feel for your new shapely figure to come.  It was a ton of fun to actually look pregnant.  The ladies in the store were surprised when I told them I was already 4 months along - they predicted I'll have a nice petite little baby bump.  Fingers crossed!

I then, most inconveniently, got horribly, terribly sick.  Not because of baby Nemrow, but because of some evil little germ or other.  I swear, it should be against the rules for a pregnant lady to get sick.  It's like hitting a gal when she's down: no meds = so very miserable.  Ah well, it was a short lived little illness, but it was the worst.

We also announced our happy news to all our cyber friends on Insta and Facebook, which was so crazy fun.  I love sharing our excitement with everyone now that the cat is outta the bag. 

All in all, despite the best efforts of my cold/flu combo, it was a great weekend, and I'm pro having a 4 day weekend every weekend if you're game Ernie?? 

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