highlights #94

Well, now that baby Nemrow is common knowledge, you can fully and totally expect these highlights posts to be full of things for the little one.  I've already been caught Pinteresting wayyyy too many maternity/baby/nursery paraphernalia, and got called on it before we even started telling people we were expecting.  I had more than a few conversations that went like so:

Them: (without preamble) Are you pregnant?
Me: Um.....maybe.  Well, yes.  Wait, how do you know?  Who told you?  We haven't told anyone yet...
Them: Pinterest. 

And here I thought I was being really sneaky, only doing a few pins here and there, trying to fly under the radar. 


Anywho, while I go Pinterest maternity clothes to my heart's content, here are some fun finds from the web:

the cutest card for a pregnant mama

love this gal's beauty uniform

lets be honest, I would live in this maternity shirt

love these bundles of gladiolas

rethink measuring tape - maybe great for keeping track of kiddo's heights at different ages?

if this calendar is real, I want it

we all had an awkward period

next time I get my hair cut, I'm going for an even more long angled bob...I think...

this is weirdly accurate

and in case you need to smile, leave it Bert & Zach


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