college bound

On Thursday afternoon we rounded up all my little sister's living essentials and started off toward Utah.  Let me clarify here: Brooke, the soon to be new college student, was not with us.  My momma and I started the trek east without her so she could have some extra high school senior last hoorahs and meet up with us on Saturday.  We decided we're going to start calling ourselves C&K Moving Co. - and that we need to start upping our asking price ;)

The drive up was uneventful and the longest drive ever.  There you go.  It was just one of those road trips where are we there yet?? became a serious question.  And the fact that we hadn't passed Baker was hilarious/awful.  Turns out there was a crazy music festival in Vegas this weekend and we were just lucky enough to join the throngs headed up the 15.  Delightful.  Once through Sin City things definitely got easier, but I'm still not a fan of all those cars with EDC painted on the back. 

Once to Provo we moved this girl in and up three flights of stairs to her dorm.  And no, I'm the not the daughter that's moving in became a common phrase.  And the stink eyes my baby bump drew from other momma's checking in their daughters?  Hilarious.  What?  Is this against the honor code or something?  We died.

Pedicures, yummy sodas, Zuppas, and dinner with my in-laws were the best tickets after a sweaty haul up and down those stairs.  And those latter two make me miss Utah all the more.  We also got to meet up with some of the best of friends and shower their little baby girl in love and cuddles.  Sounds like a productive Friday night to me.

We were up bright and early the next morning (after a 1AM bedtime...sorry mom) to get Brooke and my dad from the airport.  We pulled up and were getting them loaded when this cute boy in glasses came bounding over to me.  What???  What is my husband doing here??  I left him at home - how is here?   What is going on?!  Turns out my dad is the best and offered to fly David up with them to be part of the college drop off team.  I always hate leaving Dave at home alone and this was the biggest surprise I've had in a long time.  I started happy crying out of pure shock.  It was the best.

The rest of the day was spent getting this new cougar hooked up with everything she needed for this new adventure ahead.  I remember feeling exactly like her just a few years ago (alright like 6).  Excited.  Nervous.  Can't wait to meet people.  Apprehensive of this new place.  Can't imagine life away from home, but can't imagine what I would be doing if I wasn't here.  All good things, but easy to be overwhelmed. 

When my mom left after dropping me off at my dorm I don't remember being emotional at all, but, thanks to pregnancy hormones and a few more years under my belt, the tears were a-flowin' when we left my baby sister for the last time.  (Which is ridiculous, by the way, because she's flying home to - ahem - graduate from high school on Tuesday night AND Dave and I will see her up in Provo over the 4th of July, but still.)  It's crazy to think the last Tobler has flown the nest and is off to college.  I'm pretty proud of that little sister of mine and all the hard work she put in to being where she is today.  She's an impressive person and I couldn't be more excited for her.

And that was a wrap!  I never feel like I spend enough time in Utah Valley, but it's nice to have just one more reason to visit up there now ;) Go get em' Brooke Leigh!  (and stay away from all those college boys, ok?)

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