baby journal: week 17

Alright, back up,  Don't get too excited about how big that bump looks.  That baby is being seriously augmented by some absolutely delicious short rib tacos, and more than my fair share of some delectable key lime pie.

Week 17 has been one of the funnest so far with some incredibly exciting developments like...feeling baby kick for the first time!  Actually, if we're being accurate that did happen in week 16, but I didn't have it confirmed until I saw the doctor this week.  I kept chalking it up to air bubbles, but it's actually those little tiny feet and arms swinging around in there making all that ruckus.  I've been trying so hard to grab David's hand so he can feel his little tyke's movements, but no luck yet**.  Baby just saves those tiny squirms for her momma right now.  No matter, I'll horde that magical feeling to myself as long as I can.  It's really something else.

We went out and saw the new Tom Cruise action movie this past Friday night (which was actually pretty darn entertaining and funny, if you can believe it - think Groundhogs Day meets Mission Impossible).  And I'm not sure if it was the loud sounds coming from the movie screen or the popcorn and sugar I snuck in to feed my growing appetite, but that little babe of ours wouldn't stop squirming!  For a solid two hours!  It was so fun, and now I just want to go back to another movie theater and try to replicate it...

My appetite is also starting to kick up into high gear.  Like, sometimes, I can eat as much, or more than, David.  That doesn't seem right, but there it is.  So far I've only gained something like two pounds carrying this little peanut, but I'm pretty sure that's soon about to change.

And, last, but not leaset...we found out baby's gender!  Keep an eye out for an announcement coming sometime soon :)  We're pretty crazy excited over here.

**Update: I wrote this Monday morning, but whilst watching a cheesy James Bond movie and munching on pasta salad with David later that night, we caught him!   Dave felt the baby kick for the first time - and that look of utter surprise and delight on his face?  Priceless.


DaisyGirl said...
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Brendan and Megan said...

That is a baby bump, make no mistake! :)