happy dad day

Father's Day and Mother's Day are such happy days in my book.  I've got the best set of those two people, and it's a treat to set aside time to love them a little something extra.  Plus it's the sweetest thing to watch my Insta feed fill up with pictures of people with their pops and why they love them.  Call me a sentimental pregnant lady, but I not only teared up at church yesterday, but also while scrolling Instagram.  Embarrassing.

With us living just a little farther up north than my parents it's tough to make it down and back from Orange County on a Sunday afternoon.  When we try, it always feels rushed.  Instead we invited my parents up on Saturday to stroll Pasadena's annual chalk festival and grab a bite at one of our neighborhood eateries.  It was delightful.

We are loving checking out our new stomping grounds, and Pasadena hasn't disappointed us yet.  We've been to the chalk festival before, and it was just as impressive this time around.  Pretty cool what some talented people can do with pigment and pavement, right? 

For our evening escapades, we decided to park up by the festival on Colorado Blvd, and then take a stroll a few blocks south to our restaurant, and I'm so glad we did.  It was such a treat to explore the streets and enjoy the neighborhood night life.  Plus walking everywhere feels so urban and cool, especially on a warm June night.  I'm a huge fan.

(anddd I should probably get those wobbly pregnant legs of mine hitting the pavement a little more often...)

My ever talented, David, is currently our go-to restaurant guy.  I swear, he can decipher Yelp reviews like no one else I know, and he always picks the yummiest places for us to try out (the Thai place we went to on Friday??  Soo so good).  But for our Pre-Father's Day Celebration he picked a real winner.  I'm pretty sure I wrote down our entire order in my journal and then a description of how crazy yummy each thing was.  Suffice to say, the deviled eggs and brussel sprout salad stole the show.  Also we took home a few of their English muffins they make daily in house...I think we'll have to go back to get a few more of those soon, because - ahem - they were long gone yesterday...

All in all, it was a completely lovely Saturday evening spent with a few of my favorite people.  We continue to feel so lucky to live close to some portion of our family and enjoy all the time we get to spend with them.  Baby Nemrow is going to be one spoiled little grandchild with these awesome people close by!

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