baby journal: week 12

Journal from Saturday, May 10th ● Posted 5.27.14

So, I swear, a funny thing has happened in just the past few weeks: I am ALWAYS hungry.  And not just the slight tummy rumble, oh yeah I should probably eat something soon kind of hungry.  It's more like an urgent message sent from stomach to Carly: eat something RIGHT NOW.  The jokes on me, however, because I'll get up and prepare this huge helping of goodness and...eat half of it.  Every.  Stinkin'. Time.  It's too funny.  Now, in an effort to combat the madness, I've started eating about 6 mini meals throughout the day instead of the standard big 3, and you know what?  It's working pretty good so far.  I used to be a little concerned earlier on in my pregnancy because I wasn't always starving, like I read so many women are from the get go.  Guess it caught up to me!  This babes got an appetite after all.

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