baby journal: week 13

Journal from Monday, May 19 ● Posted 5.27.14
So, we thought we'd celebrate this week of pregnancy by...babysitting a whole bunch of kids.  Just to give us a flavor for what we're really getting ourselves into, ya know? Five kids Monday through Tuesday, ages 4 to 16, and six kids Thursday to Sunday, ages 3 to 15. Talk about exhausting, but fun, but exhausting. It also makes me think that maybe four kids is the magic number for me ;) 

I've done these marathon babysit-athons before I was pregnant and could handle it fine energy wise. This time around?  I need a nap as much as the three-year-old. It was an adventure in parenting and what it will be like to be pregnant with a second or third child. Read: exhausting. But worth it.  Like on Sunday?  Forget third hour of church - I went and took a nap in the car with the air blasting.  Don't even feel bad about it.

This was also one of the funnest weeks of pregnancy so far because I got to go to the doctors and see our little bean wave at me for the first time! It was amazing to see what really looked like a baby on the ultrasound screen instead of more of a white bean the doctor assured me was my child. I got to watch her move and kick and stretch her little arms while turning around and around. It was all sorts of amazing and I CAN'T WAIT to go back for our next appointment in a month. The doctor even thought he might be able to tell us the gender by then, that is if our little squirmer will hold still. So, no promises. 

Another 13-week update: I'm really starting to somewhat, kind of show (and the shirt pictured above does it no justice)! Before I was just bloated and poppin' outta my pants, but now it's starting to look like a bona fide baby bump! Kinda.  Ok, mostly when I eat a big dinner and wear a tight shirt, but still.  I was wearing a tight-ish maxi dress the other day and all of a sudden David turns to me and was like Oh my gosh! Carly that's really a bump!   It must have started to make this whole experience start to feel real for him, because I almost can't walk by him anymore without his reaching out and touching my belly.  It's the beginning of the end!

We've also started to let the cat out of the bag to our friends locally and it's been so fun to share our excitement!  Finally!  Thirteen (ok, nine) weeks is a long time to wait, okay?

In other news, this little peach-sized person (wow, that seems huge) is:
  • Giving up the nausea card all together, at least for now. Life is grand. Not that it was ever that bad for me. Counting my blessings.
  • Still tuckering me out, but I'll never complain about more naps. 
  • The cutest little thing I ever did see. That little silhouette??? I can't get enough. 

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