wedding bells

This past weekend one of my cousins got married, so we did a lot of celebrating.  First on Friday night with a delicious dinner and a Scottish bagpiper at this place and then on Saturday morning at this lovely venue (which their website does no justice to).

It's always so fun to welcome a new member into the family and this was no exception.  The venue was beautiful, the bride of stunning - and I only really took pictures of Dave and myself...picture fail?  Well, I kind of did it on purpose after seeing this gorgeous picture taken by a wedding photographer a few weeks ago that is totally and completely killed (in my opinion) by all those iPhones and iPads!  What with us sitting towards the back I probably would have been fine, but I didn't want to risk it during the ceremony for sure.  And then during the rest of the festivities?  Ok, that was a picture taking fail.  Oh well, such it is.

We enjoyed catching up with family, eating delicious Italian food & wedding cake, drinking Martinellis, and soaking in the much needed rain that poured, and poured, and poured on us!  Good thing all the festivities were slated to be done inside or else, well, we would've gotten a tad sopping  (and good thing Dave was a sweetheart and volunteered to drive).  But in sum up, we had a great time, and I wouldn't complain if we had more wedding receptions to attend on the calendar...

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